World Atlatl Day


-Ron Mertz, 2013

World Atlatl Day (WAD) was initiated by Linda Brundage and the New York Atlatl Association in 2011. Due to its popularity, the WAA membership attending the 2012 Annual Meeting voted to officially recognize the first Saturday in June of each year as World Atlatl Day.

In light of the intent of WAD to be an inclusive event, a number of members expressed concern that the competition tended to be excessively challenging with a maximum distance of 30 meters and should be modified to allow members of all skill levels to participate in an enjoyable and meaningful way. In response to this concern, a variety of distance configurations were piloted at a number of events in 2012, resulting in the establishment of two sets of distances as determined by a thrower’s skill level. For throwers who have never thrown an ISAC score of at least “70,” the distances for each of two consecutive rounds will be 5-10-10-15-15 meters. For throwers who have thrown a score of “70” or higher each round will be 5-10-15-20-25 meters.

Team size will remain three persons and any one person can be on more than one team. In the event there are only two individuals in one skill level at an event, they may average their two scores and multiple by 3 to obtain a team score.

Results will be reported in the ATLATL. The highest team score for each state in each of the two distance categories will be ranked.

An official score sheet dedicated to the competition has been developed and is to be used in place of the regular ISAC score sheet. As noted on the score sheet, completed sheets should be sent to Douglas Bassett within one week of the contest for compilation and reporting. The score sheet will be posted on our WAA website:



Wyoming WAD team, 2011.