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logoThe World Atlatl Association, Inc. (WAA) welcomes as members anyone who is interested in the atlatl, an ancient hunting weapon, and who agrees with the objectives of the association. Founded in 1987, WAA unites members throughout the world. Members receive our quarterly newsletter, The Atlatl, which publishes information about events and competition results, archaeological finds, scientific information, reports, cartoons, and just about anything else that is related to the atlatl as a primitive weapon or contemporary sport. If you have an interest in primitive skills and want to link up with a terrific and friendly group of atlatl fans who share your interest and enthusiasm for this fascinating stone age/space age dart throwing device, call or write today!

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The WAA now has a new editor for our quarterly newsletter, The Atlatl. 

Devin Pettigrew of Fayetteville Arkansas has graciously agreed to serve in this capacity for at least the next year.  The newsletter goes out by the 15th of January, April, July and October, and articles should be submitted at least 20 days in advance.  Please send submissions of articles and photographs to Devin by email, by clicking this hyperlink.

Membership info:

For membership inquiries or to pay dues, please contact Justin Garnett, either by email by clicking this hyperlink.

Before applying for membership, please view our membership application (Click below) and our bylaws.  Print the following form if paying in US dollars:


Print the following form if paying by Euros:

Euro form

View our events schedule, or schedule an ISAC event of your own:

To hold an ISAC event, please contact Regina Dodson, either by clicking this hyperlink or by post or phone: Regina Dodson, 611 Broken Wheel Court, Cheyenne, WY, 82007, phone: (307) 421-0834.

Please note events must be published in the Atlatl newsletter in order to be officially sanctioned.  For more information, please consult section 6.3 of the ISAC rules and regulations.

To view our 2015 WAA Event Schedule, click here.

Newsletter submissions:

To submit an article to The Atlatl, our  quarterly newsletter, please contact Devin Pettigrew, either by clicking this hyperlink. Submissions are only being accepted in electronic format at this time. The newsletter goes out by the 15th of January, April, July and October, and articles should be submitted at least 20 days in advance.

For a current listing of the officers and board members of the WAA, as well as their contact information, please click the hyperlink below to download a PDF:

2015 WAA Officer listing, updated 1/31/2015

Official WAA documents (meeting minutes and proceedings, 2013)

Minutes of the 26th Annual Meeting of the WAA Membership

2013 Board meeting